Frank Lisciandro gets to the heart of what everyone wants to know. “What was Jim Morrison really like?” No Oliver Stone hype here. No secondhand accounts. Frank talks directly with the people who knew Jim best. I’ve read most of the books out there regarding Jim. This is a solid read. Highly recommended for those looking to catch a glimpse of the real Jim Morrison.

Check this book out & you might find yourself looking at Jim Morrison in a whole new way.  Jim the Rock Star? This book steers clear of that portrayal for the most part. If you are a big fan, you’ll find a lot of material here that you didn’t previously know.

Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together is a great reference book for any Doors/Jim Morrison fan. The look into Jim Morrison‘s personality and life is unparalleled. The interviews are annotated with dates of events that the interviewees’ memories are weak on. I’m sure “Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together” is a book that will be kept close by and referenced regularly.”

Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together is the best book I’ve read about Jim Morrison because it contains the words of people who do not have anything to gain by clouding what happened with sensational stories. The conversations feel like those between friends, fondly reminiscing about the past. Every one of these conversations is interesting to read.”

“Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together answers the question, “what was Jim Morrison really like?” For people like me, who have spent long decades cross-referencing books and films in a search for the real Jim Morrison, this ground-breaking book is revealing and reassuring.”

“So refreshing to read an unvarnished account of who Jim Morrison really was. Frank Lisciandro does a amazing job of gleaning information about Jim’s true character from people who really knew him. I feel like I understand who he was as a human, not just a rock star, so much better after reading this book. If you are a Jim Morrison or Doors fan this book is a must have.”

“All the prior books and a major motion picture cannot compare to this book. What better way to form ones own opinion about Morrison than hearing from those who new him. Jim Morrison: Friends Gathered Together is a must for any Doors fan.”